Where are you located?

In Bethesda, our studio is located at 4733 Elm Street, fourth floor.
In Herndon, we are located at 12973 Highland Crossing Dr, Suite A.

How does yoga at Down Dog differ from other forms?

Down Dog's Power Vinyasa Yoga is a heated practice that will build strength, sculpt and and tone muscles, increase flexibility and lead you to a good physical health. We do our yoga in a room heated to 90-95 degrees, so come ready to sweat. and allow the layers of stress and tightness to melt away. No matter your level of fitness or experience, you will enjoy the benefits this practice has to offer you.

Are beginners welcome at Down Dog?

Absolutely! Because the style of yoga we teach at Down Dog allows you to jump right in and discover at your own pace, you can participate in almost any class. Take it slowly at first. Rest when you need to and rejoin the class when you are ready. By completing ten classes in your first three weeks, you will build a foundation of strength and knowledge that will serve you as you create a powerful yoga practice and integrate yoga into your life.

We also offer monthly "foundations workshops" at our studios that will offer you an opportunity to take more time to understand alignment, yoga principles, and working with injuries specific to your body.

How challenging will the classes be for me? 

Like any other physical exercise, when moving your body in healthy new ways you may discover muscles you never even knew you had! But you control the intensity of each pose. Soon, you'll experience small victories. Over time, you will notice progress that you may never have imagined possible.

What if I'm not all that flexible?

Many people, who begin practicing at Down Dog, aren't particularly flexible. So you’re not alone! With time, yoga will help you expand your flexibility to everything you do. Meanwhile, we encourage you to develop a flexible mind. Focus on breathing, sweating and moving. Allow each yoga movement to release tension, dissolve brittleness and naturally expand your range of motion.

How often should I practice?

3-5 times per week. Simply do your best!

Do you have a question that wasn’t answered here? E-mail info@downdogyoga.com.