Love Actually…

  I admit it… I’m a sucker for romance. I love Valentine’s Day.

There, I said it!
I also love a good romance novel, and yes, watch the same romantic movies over and over again.

No matter how corny or unrealistic the movie may seem (my favorite is Pretty Woman) just for a time, I believe that love is not only possible, but actually is all we ever need.

Whether young or old, married or divorced, heartbroken or cynical, our desire for love is magnificently weaved into the fabric of our human design.

Somewhere deep down inside, we want to believe that love and romance holds for us shooting stars, beautiful butterflies and that Prince Charming actually does exist. And still we shy away or hold back from love, for no good reason other than that love can be both demanding and risky.

But what if for just one day you let love rule? Not just romantic love, but all kinds of love?

I dare you…

This Valentines Day, no matter how corny it may seem, let love in. Squeeze a friend or lover a little tighter, wear your heart on your sleeve, and nourish yourself and everyone around you with random acts of love, kindness and the belief that romance is alive and well!
Just for today, and maybe every day hereafter, let’s believe in the power of love, trust that love has no limits and in the end hopelessly believe that love actually wins!