Join us for fun morning of yoga, community, and conversation, and learn more about why our 200-Hour Teacher Training Program is the perfect “Next Step” in your development as a yoga practitioner!

Whether you want to teach yoga, deepen your practice, or develop new ways to show up as a powerful leader in your life, our Teacher Training Program will help you discover and fully live into your own innate potential.

At our Open House, you will meet our program facilitators and teaching team, learn more about our curriculum, and what you can expect. You will also have an opportunity to talk with recent graduates of program, and hear how Teacher Training goes with our graduates beyond the mat, and has the potential to positively impact every area of your life.

**Complimentary class at 11AM for attendees!**



Saturday, February 18th
12:15pm – 1:30pm

Saturday, February 25th
12:15pm – 1:30pm

**Can’t make the meeting at 12:15, but still want to learn more?? Join us ALL DAY SATURDAY anytime from 8:30am – 1:30pm! Simply stop by our booth in the lobby to chat with our OPEN HOUSE team!**

**Complimentary class at 11AM for attendees!**

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**Join us on this 6-Week Journey to Personal Transformation! This brand new program is not to be missed, & has never been held at DDY before!**

Happiness is every person’s choice, yet few make the effort to have it. Most of us are constantly searching without knowing exactly what we are looking for.

The purpose of this program is to challenge your personal philosophy and tap into the courage it will take to overcome the fears and limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your ability to live an awakened and truthful life.

This program has the potential to impact all areas of your life. Together we will build the spiritual and physical pillars that will give life greater purpose and meaning.

You will be guided through your program by a skilled facilitators who through personal experience understands the journey, what you are going through and what to expect along the way. You’ll also have full support of the community, sharing your challenges and discoveries at your weekly meetings.

By the end of your program you will understand that your health and vitality is simply an extension of your heart and intention, and feel inspired to create a whole new way of living and being.

Total commitment is the key to it’s success. We provide the space and guidance. Our ask is that you provide the courage and commitment.

The program includes:
– 6x yoga practices per week: A combination of studio and home practice with a balance of power and yin styles.
– 1x daily meditation: Gain tools to help guide you through the practice and learn to sit in stillness.
– Weekly themes and principles: The foundational pillars of this journey. Live, practice and learn from them.
– Daily focus on health and nutrition; Cultivating a deeper awareness of nutrition and its impact on your physical and emotional body.
– Gentle cleanse: Get clean in week three with a gentle detox to reignite your vitality
– Weekly journaling: Be willing to be in self study and radical discovery on how to live your best life
– Weekly community sessions: Join the community to share, grow, gain encouragement and inspiration.

Program begins February 26th!

All 4 Studios; Kick-Off Meeting w/ Patty @ DDY Clarendon


Must Pre-Register.

MARCH 2017.


**Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to study with internationally-renowned yoga teacher & author, Rolf Gates!**

Join Rolf for a dynamic weekend of Vinyasa, Meditation, Pranayama, and Discussion, as we explore the practices that create a life that works. The pose is what we are doing, the yoga is how we are being in the pose.

This weekend intensive is open to all who wish to explore yoga as an evolutionary journey. The only ‘requirement’ is that you show up, do your best and let your best be good enough.

The sessions are intended as a whole weekend workshop, but may be taken individually. All sessions will be based on Rolf Gates’ newly released: Meditations on Intention and Being: Dally Reflections on the Path of Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassion.


6:00pm – 9:00pm: VISION + FOCUS: Vinyasa Session

In this asana-based session, we will explore being grounded in our practice and inspired in our lives. Our practice will give voice to the great heart within us. This session will include Vinyasa, meditation, and discussion.

9:00am – 12:00pm: BEING STILL WITH SKILL: Meditation Workshop

Yoga is the cultivation of inner space and the ability to use it well. In this meditation workshop, Rolf will describe the opportunity presented to us in the teachings of the Buddha and Patanjali. This experiential workshop will explore how these great contributions to consciousness weave beautifully together to enhance the quality of our daily lives. This will be in lecture discussion form and guided meditation experience with support in beginning or building on your own meditation practice.

2:00pm – 5:00pm: FAITH + FLOW: Vinyasa Session

‘In our fear we believe that we must make things happen; in our practice we learn to let things happen.’ Rolf Gates

In this asana-based session, we will explore and practice how we create the experience of ‘sanctuary’ – the experience of the sacred in our every day lives. This session will include Vinyasa, meditation and discussion.

9:00am – 12:00pm: INTENTION + BEING: Vinyasa Session

Knowing the heart offers us new possibilities in every aspect of our lives. In this asana-based session, we will dive into the tools of yoga that allow us to stay connected to the truth of who we are as we practice new ways of being in the world.

The session will include Vinyasa, meditation and lecture/discussion. The yoga will be a synergy of the freedom of a powerful Vinyasa class and the structural integrity of yoga’s therapeutic alignment principles.

March 10-12, 2017

DDY Herndon

$75 per session / OR / entire weekend for $275

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APRIL 2017.


Discover the “other half” of yoga…

Yin Yoga is a quiet, meditative practice that is accessible to students from every walk of life – from the power yoga junkie, to the desk jockey, to beginner and experienced students alike.

Yin Yoga works deep into the body’s connective tissues and joints to release stored-up tension, stress, and anxiety; creating space, balance, and ease in both body and mind.

The practice of Yin Yoga benefits the physical body by gently and deeply stretching the body’s ligaments, tendons, and fascia; releasing tension, enhancing mobility and flexibility, and alleviating chronic pain.

Beyond the physical, Yin Yoga practice incorporates basic principles of meditation, allowing access to inner stillness, true rest, and the healing power of letting go.

This weekend immersion is for anyone interested in exploring the dynamic & balancing practice of Yin Yoga, whether your intention is to teach, or to simply deepen your own personal practice.

Friday, April 28th – Sunday, April 30th

Friday: 7:00pm – 9:30pm
Saturday: 12:00pm – 4:00pm
Sunday: 1:00pm – 4:30pm; 6:00pm-8:00pm

DDY Herndon

(*Down Dog YTT Graduates: $199)

**For RYT’s: Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) Offered (12)**

Must Pre-Register.