Yoga Classes


The Flow

Tone. Sculpt. Transform.

DDY's signature flow, this challenging class is the perfect blend of strength, sweat and spirituality. It will tone and sculpt the muscles of your body and clear your mind. Come and discover your strength and awaken your spirit!


Flow + Meditation

Sweat. Strength. Spirit.

Our signature Flow class with a soulful journey into a meditation. Sweat for 75 min, then end with a sweet savasana and short meditation.


Flow Basics


A perfect place to start for those new to yoga, getting acquainted with flow style yoga, or getting back to it after a hiatus or injury. A moderate paced class with a continuous flow to cultivate strength, balance, and flexibility. 


Flow 60


This vigorous flow class is just long enough to kick a good sweat, torch some calories and get on with your day.


Core Beats Flow

breathe. beats. fun.

This Down Dog signature class is a fun, dynamic flow set to high energy music that will light up your core, test your balance and elevate your practice to the next level while strengthening and toning every part of you... especially those abs!


Power Beats  

Beats. Sweat. Bliss.

Down Dog's signature flow class set to music.


Slow Flow + Yin

Soothe. Stretch. Chill.

Balance your sweaty habit with a serving of slow flow, soothe it with some deep yin yoga, then top it off with a sweet savasana. Sweat, stretch, chill… We call this perfection.


Yin + Nidra


The most sublime wind-down imaginable. Start with 45 minutes of deep stretching Yin postures that lead you into a sweet restorative rest.


Power Up

Strength. Endurance. Cardio. 

A vigorous 45-minute flow class, designed for maximum fat and calorie burn. A straight up shot of cardio, strength and endurance moves infused into our flow class set to a high-energy playlist. You will move, breathe, and sweat — Down Dog style.


Recharge Break

Lunch Break

45 minutes can change your entire day. Mute your phone, drop your to-dos, and come recharge with us. This power-packed class will have you floating back to home or work on a different kind of cloud.


Flow for $5

Down Dog’s signature flow at a reduced rate formatted for training new DDY teachers.