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With Denise Cook

Join Denise Cook for  these 90 minute mini-workshop series  in order to learn the Principles of Baptiste Power Yoga. 

Purpose of these mini sessions is for you to get stronger, longer and more integrated in your body and achieve the constant growth you desire while you practice through your deeper understanding of physical principles and alignment.

Week 1: Sun Salutation A
Understanding Tadasana (Mountain Pose) and Surya Namaskara A (Sun Salute A) and the strength of a Power Flow practice. We will dive into the alignment and strength in our core, legs and arms. Modifications and variations discussed. This is the key to linking the entire practice and keeping your shoulders and wrists safe.

Sun Salutation B
Diving deeper and refining our alignment in Surya Namaskara B. This week will delve into the strength and flexibility of our hips. Where to place your feet, adjust your feet and arms.

Week 2 Vitality Series (aka Warrior Series)
This class will involve Crescent Lunge, Twisted Crescent Lunge, Side Plank and Flip Dog as well as variations.

Balancing Series
The postures that will be explored give rise to a stronger foundation in the legs with Twisted Prayer, Eagle, Hand to Foot, Dancer’s Pose, Half Moon and it’s variations and our level I arm balance Crow Pose.

Week 3: Triangle Series
The last of the standing series finishes with deep openings in the hamstrings (there are three of them!) and low back. We will discuss engagement of the front leg muscles known as the quadriceps, that must be engaged to protect your knees. The postures covered are Triangle, Pyramid, Wide Legged Forward bend and Twisted Triangle.

Back Bends
The back bend series begins with spinal integration and strengthening. There are a lot of variations taught but principles that need to be adhered to gain the ultimate strength in your spine and increase vitality and flow in the body.

Week 4: Inversions
Along with inversions this class will also work on core strength and arm placement which ultimately help you get upside down whether it’s headstand or shoulderstand.

The last and juiciest part of the practice is that of final surrender and ultimately Savasana. The focus of each posture and where one needs to be felling them will be explored so that every time you leave your mat you will arrive anew the next class.

Each session is one hour. Prop recommendations will be given and principles discussed to maximize your personal yoga practice.

Space is limited for each of these workshops so pre-registration is suggested.

Week 1: February 24, 2019
Week 2: March 10, 2019
Week 3: March 24, 2019
Week 4: April 7, 2019

WHERE: Georgetown 

Cost $85 for full series

       $25 drop in session

Earlier Event: February 24
40 Day Program
Later Event: February 24